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Oct 10, 2012 4:00am EDT
cutting steve ballmer's annual salary. microsoft stock -- there we go. apologies about that. meanwhile, walmart is holding its annual analyst meeting today near its headquarters. the retailer is expected to brief them on numerous topics, including expansion of its smaller store format and providing profits overseas. investors will also be listening for comments on the bribery allegations at its walmart to mexico unit. the company has also been confronting walkouts in eight cities but the numbers have been relatively small. kelly. >> thanks for that, ross. apple has a pretty loyal customer base, perhaps none stronger than in teenagers. 40% of teens own and iphone. 44% own a tablet with the ipad make up three quarters of those devices. kids who plan to buy a new tablet, 43% say they'd be more likely to go with apple if it starts selling a smaller ipad and it's expected to do so sometime this fall. tell us what you think about the loyalty to apple. is it a sign perhaps of saturation? what's it mean for competitors? you can e-mail us here or tweet us. you can also reach us directly. ross?
Oct 11, 2012 4:00am EDT
sachs. >> and we'll talk about that in a second, as well. >> our very own steve liesman has an exclusive interview today with the goldman sachs ceo lloyd blankfein plus the co-chairs of president obama's deficit commissionity, simpson and bowles. they'll discuss the fiscal issues. that's at 12:30 eastern on fast money halftime report. so don't miss that. >> and still to come here, christine lagarde has harsh words about austerity. we'll head back out to cadd ere cadre oig in tokyo after the break. kadri in tokyo after the . >>> christine lagarde calls for developed nations to do more to get their budgets in order while at the same time urging europe to give greece more time. >>> and central banks take action on slowing global growth. interest rates both cut by 25 basis points as the economies try to copy with waning demand. >> plus the states have been raised for today's debate between joe biden and paul ryan and new polls show the race for the white house has tightened. >> kelly and i might be wearing a dapper of red today. european stocks -- >> we didn't even plan it. we're just on the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2